Dental Crowns

Teeth Restoration & Same-Day Crowns in Mill Creek, WA

A crown is sometimes needed to restore the tooth to its normal form and function when decay, large previous restorations that have fractured, or a large fracture of the tooth itself has occurred. We can normally perform this procedure in one visit because of CEREC technology that we have been using since 2001.


After the tooth is numbed and prepared, a digital impression is acquired. This is done with a special camera that quickly captures hundreds of 3 dimensional images that are stitched together by computer software which results in a virtual model of the area where restoration is required. We design the crown with the help of the computer software and then export the design to a milling machine in the office that mills the crown out of a solid block of porcelain in about 10 minutes. The crown is then adjusted as needed and then fired in a special oven to enhance esthetics and improve durability. After 20 minutes the new crown is then ready to be bonded in place.

Same Day Crowns

Most dentists still require the patient to come back for a second (or third) visit after having to wear a temporary crown for 2 (or more) weeks. In this case a second (or third) numbing injection is required, not to mention the inconvenience of rescheduling another visit. By contrast, the CEREC technology used in our office allows the patient to go home with the final crown on the first visit.

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