Dental Services

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Mill Creek, WA

Patient comfort is our top priorityWe see patients of all ages – children, families, adults, and seniors. We perform routine check ups and cleanings, provide cosmetic dentistry services, as well as treat toothaches and broken teeth. Specific procedures include tooth restorations (fillings), endodontics (root canals), tooth extractions, implants, fixed and removable bridges, same-day crowns, orthodontics with Invisalign, and dentures. We also treat periodontal (gum) disease. In addition, we make very comfortable night guards for those who grind their teeth (I have been seeing a lot of that in recent years).

We answer all questions that our patients ask, and we strive hard to explain the treatment options and help our patients make informed choices. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as a bite adjustment. We recognize that time is valuable, so we don’t like to keep our patients waiting and try to accomplish as much as we can in as few visits as possible. Our wealth of experience is a real asset in this regard.

What Sets Us Apart