Custom Night Guards

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding in Mill Creek, WA

One of the big under-diagnosed dental problems that many people have is excessive tooth wear.  It can gradually occur over the years and by the time it becomes noticeable, much of the biting surface of the teeth may have worn away.  Many people have tried thick, self made “boilable” night guards that can be purchased online or over the counter. These are often uncomfortable and end up at the bottom of your bedside drawer. When it comes to night guards, comfort is key.

Since I am also a “night grinder”, I have experimented with just about every possible night guard that is out there. We make a thin customized night guard that can be made for either upper or lower arch depending on your preference. The bite can be fined tuned for maximum comfort. If you have previously tried and given up on night guards, consider giving ours a try.

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